Rapid PCR Covid Screening

Champlain Medical is happy to announce that we are able to offer rapid PCR Covid Screening for those needing to travel with time restrictions and others who just need results in a time sensitive manner.  These are not billable to insurance and are on a pre-payment basis, with no refunds.  If you are unable to make your assigned appointment, every effort will be made to accommodate another time.

How it works

There are no walk ins.  You must have an appointment via the website and prepayment is required.  Upon your arrival to our facility which is in the back of the building, we will ask that you contact our pager, 802-350-1059.  At the tone, please put in your callback number.  Someone should respond within a 10 minute window to your page.  Please be patient.  If ten minutes has gone by, please page again.  The individual will call you back to find out the car you are waiting in and will be out to perform the nasal swab.  Please bring a photo ID to confirm your appointment name and date of birth. 

Once we have obtained the swab, you are free to leave.  Roughly within an hour you will receive your results from us as a PDF file which you can print. 



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